Beau Boeye, Owner

Beau started his IT journey as an assistant IT director for the Red Oak Community School District when he was a freshman in high school. Since then he has paved his own path and provides IT services for residential and business clients around Southwest Iowa. Prominent partners:

Technology Coordinator, Stanton Schools

Contracted IT Technician, Montgomery County Iowa

Beau Boeye
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Web Design Origins

Beau started his web design journey back when he was in 6th grade during the good ol' web 1.0 days. Since then, Beau has greatly improved his design skills and is able to provide various solutions for clients. For examples of design projects visit the Portfolio page.

Community Focused

When you choose for your IT needs, you're investing into the community. Beau takes a lot of pride in volunteering for various organizations to benefit Red Oak and Montgomery County. Here's a few of the organizations he's involved with:

President, Friends of the Red Oak Trails

Founding Member, Montgomery County Recreational Trails

Member, ROCIA's Marketing & Tourism Committee

Member, Live Well Montgomery County

Beau Boeye